About Us

Who we are

Praise Church cares about one thing more than anything else, Jesus Christ. How did he live? What did he say? Why does it matter?

Praise Church is a family of individuals young and "less" young seeking to faithfully follow the way of Jesus, together.

Where we come from

Praise Church was started in 1989, by a small cajun family who felt God leading them from the only home they'd ever know in Baton Rouge, LA to start a church in Colorado. Praise Church hosted its first gathering in a small store front in Lakewood, CO and later moved to the Littleton area. From that early location a 30+ year ministry began and is still seeking to faithfully serve the people of Littleton. We are proud to be a church that is generational and are blessed to have our founding Pastor's son as our lead Pastor today!

Where we're headed

More than ever, Praise Church is committed to fostering a family built around Jesus. Loving like Jesus. Serving like Jesus. Worshipping like Jesus. Giving like Jesus. As we strive to live this way as a church family and as individuals, grace and mercy remain at the center of who we are as followers of Christ seeking to: "Act Justly, Love Mercy & Walk Humbly."

Meet Our Team