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We want you to be a part of our family


Here at Praise Church we are a group of men, women, kids, young and "less" young.  We have real life struggles, we have questions, we like to laugh and have fun all while living for Jesus.  We'd love for you to come join us!



No one should face real-life alone. Sometimes life comes in the form of joy and happiness; other times it comes in pain and suffering. No matter your season in life, our desire is to help you create your own community. While we can’t make friends for you, we can help you, and your family, connect.



You were created on purpose, with purpose, by a God who thinks your life is way too important to let you spend it all on yourself. Whether you are people-oriented or task-oriented, introverted or extroverted, a long-term Christ follower or just checking God out, we have a team for you.

Ways to Serve


We serve a generous God who gives us many things to enjoy. As a church, we are blessed with generous people who freely give back to God their tithes and offerings. We want you to know that your generosity is making a difference, both here and around the world.

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